KAUST Research Conference 2016: Emerging Concepts and Materials in Solar Energy Conversion

​Speaker Biography​





​Jr-Hau He



Dr. Jr-Hau He is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering program at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST). His work encompasses a broad, multidisciplinary field, borrowing from electrical, physics, chemical and materials science and engineering to understand the effects of nanomaterials on the performance of advanced devices. He devotes his efforts in the development of transparent and flexible electronics using novel devices based on nanomaterials, including solar cells and photodetectors, LEDs, and memory devices. His particular interest in solar energy include efforts to understand light scattering and trapping in nanostructured materials and designs for next-generation solar cells. He is also interested in transport of charge carriers across these solar cells as well as the improvement in light coupling with the combined effect to increase the efficiency of separating the photo induced charges. Dr. He's group is also currently involving in fundamental physical properties of nanomaterials, such as the transport and switching behavior of 2D nanomaterials. He emphasizes the transfer of the nanotechnology he developed to semiconductor and PV industry.

He is a senior member of IEEE, OSA, and SPIE. The laboratory he leads has graduated 11 PhD and 27 MS alumni to date. Visit his web for more information (nanoenergy.kaust.edu.sa).