KSC congratulates five new PhDs

Jun 04 2018

April and May were busy months for KSC but more so for five KSC PhD candidates who prepared and successfully defended their PhD dissertations.

KSC wishes to thank Frederico, Ru-Ze, Sara, Maxime, and Rizwan for their scientific contributions and wishes them all continued success in their future careers.

You can read more about their work in the links below:

Frederico Cruciani

Donor and Acceptor Polymers for Bulk HeteroJunction Solar Cell and Photodetector Applications

Ru-Ze Liang

Device Strategies Directed to Improving the Efficiency ofSolution-Processed Solar Cells

Sara Ali Abbas

Solution-Processed Smart Window Platform Based on PlasmonicElectrochromics

Maxime Babics

Solution-Processed Molecular Organic Solar Cells: Relationbetween Morphology and Device Performance

Muhammad Rizwan Khan Niazi

Solution Processing of Small Molecule OrganicSemiconductors: From In situ Investigation to the Scalable Manufacturing ofThin Film Transistors