Organic Processing Laboratory

​The KSC's Organic Processing Lab is equipped so researchers can meet the challenges of transferring organic electronic devices from small, R&D scale to large, industrial production.


  • Dimatix DMP 2800 Inkjet Printers (x 2)
    Dimatix DMP 2800 Inkjet Printers (x 2) Desktop inkjet printer featuring: Sheet substrate scanning inkjet deposition system with drop observation, spot location, and variable printing resolution. Low cost, user-fillable piezo-based jetting cartridges including fluid module with syringe filling system, 16 nozzles at 254 μm spacing, and 10 picoliter drop size with multi-burst capability. PC-controlled operation, including visual monitoring of ink jetting and printed pattern inspection.
  • FOM Bench Top Coater
    FOM Bench Top Coater Slot-die-coater improves thin film solar cells solution processing facilities in KSC to replicate industrial processes. The coater includes an IR lamp installed beside the slot die in addition to a controlled temperature oven (RT to 240 C) and a UV curing lamp.
  • Zehntner ZAA 2300 Automatic film applicator coater (x 2)
    Zehntner ZAA 2300 Automatic film applicator coater (x 2) Housed in a laminar flow hood, the automatic doctor blade-coater for accurate and reproducible application of thin film materials representative of industrial processing. Heated bed capable of coating on a substrate 400 x 300 mm.