Damp-Heat-Stable, High-Efficiency, Industrial-Size Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

Wenzhu Liu, Liping Zhang, Xinbo Yang, Jianhua Shi, Lingling Yan, Lujia Xu, Zhuopeng Wu, Renfang Chen, Jun Peng, Jingxuan Kang, Kai Wang, Fanying Meng, Stefaan De Wolf, Zhengxin Liu
Joule4, 913927, April 15, 2020, (2020)


SHJ solar cells, tailoring hydrogen states, damp-heat stability, mass production


​This work shows that vacuum decreases operational lifetime of perovskite solarcells (ITO/SnO2/perovskite/Spiro-MeOTAD/Au) by accelerating perovskitedecomposition starting from the grain boundaries, accompanied by outgassingand defect formation. These defects further accelerate ion migration (Li+,Au+and/or Au3+,I,andBr) across the device. We propose a robust perovskite solar cellstructure (ITO/PTAA/perovskite/PCBM/ZnO/AZO/[Ni/Algrid]) that effectivelymitigates these degradation pathways, leading to a device showing a projectedT80lifetime of 4,750 h at its maximum power point condition, 1-sun illumination at50 mbar.




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