KSC's Abdulkhaleq Almansaf is a winner of 3M’s 2017 Invent a New Future Challenge

Aug 07 2017

​Abdulkhaleq Almansaf, a PhD candidate in Prof. Omar Mohammed’s group at KAUST Solar Center was a winner of 3M’s 2017 Invent a New Future Challenge. With this global case competition, 3M aims to reward the extraordinary thinking of talented college and graduate students around the world.  

The competition attracted 4142 ideas from 14 different regions, proposing ways in which 3M innovation could address the United Nations’ main global challenges. From over 900 ideas submitted in Kingdom, Abdulkhaleq was selected to represent Saudi Arabia in the global final held on July 24th at 3M’s corporate headquarters in St. Paul Minnesota, USA. There he met with 14 other country finalists to develop ideas of how 3M can better promote diversity and inclusion to achieve and promote innovation. Together with finalists from Brazil, India, South Korea and the USA Abdulkhaleq formed a team they aptly named “DNA” to represent diverse but common origins.
In both rounds of the competition Abdulkhaleq was able to draw upon his experiences and cite KAUST as a shining example for resource utilization and diversity.
As well as the fantastic experience and prestige of being a winner, Abdulkhaleq will be mentored by a 3M senior leader for six months.
Everyone at KSC is extremely proud of Abdulkhaleq’s outstanding achievement. We warmly congratulate him and wish him continued success for the future.

View 3M's news report here: 3M News on Youtube