Learn about the latest research results from KSC at the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting.

Nov 22 2018

​Once again a number of KSC faculty, postdocs and students are attending the MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit.  This seminal event will be held from 25-30 November in Boston, Massachusetts and provides delegates with a great opportunity to meet KSC researchers and learn about the latest developments from KAUST Solar Center.

For the full program details, please refer to the MRS program available here.

First NameLast NameDate & Time SlotTitleIndex
FredericLaquai11:15AM Nov29Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Loss Processes in Nonfullerene Acceptor Bulk Heterojunction Solar CellsCM04.09.07
IainMcCulloch10:00AM Nov26Semiconducting Polymer for Bioelectronics and Field Effect TransistorsEP05.01.05
StefaanDe Wolf8:30AM Nov26Session Chair - silicon for photovoltaicsET02.01
​Esma​Ugur9:30AM Nov27Charge Carrier Dynamics in Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Change after Exposure to Humidity and Light​ET05.04.06
KalaivananLoganathan8AM Nov 27Flexible Nanogap Diodes for GHz Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting Applications PM03.03.01
JafarKhan8:45AM Nov29Non-Geminate Recombination Limits Fill Factor in Polymer:ITIC Bulk Heterojunction Solar CellsEP05.11.03,  
4:15PM Nov30Hole Extraction from Lead Halide Perovskite to PDPP-3T Probed by Ultrafast Transient Absorption SpectroscopyET04.14.10
SafakathKaruthedath11:00AM Nov29Impact of HOMO-HOMO Offset on Charge Separation in Small Molecule CM04.09.06
ErkanAydin4:30PM Nov26Room-Temperature Sputtered Nanocrystalline Nickel Oxide Hole Transport Layers for Fully Textured Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar CellsET02.04.04
LujiaXu2:15PM Nov29The Investigation of Heat Generation and Thermal Effects in Silicon Solar Cells ET02.13.03
HendrikFaber4:15PM, Nov 28Laser Patterning of Flexible Nanogap Schottky RF Diodes Via Adhesion LithographyPM03.06.05
Ming-ChunTang11:45AM, Nov 30In Situ Investigation of Wide and Tunable Bandgap MAPbBr3-xClx Hybrid Perovskite Films and Their Application in Solar Cells with VOC > 1.6 VET04.13.11,
DounyaBarrit8:00PM,Nov29In Situ Investigation of the Effect of the Lead Film Precursor States and Their Influence on the Conversion to MAPbI3 Hybrid Perovskite Layers for Solar Cell ApplicationsET04.12.07(poster)
ChunMa8:00PM,Nov28Fundamentals of Halide Perovskite Optoelectronics IIIET05.09.01(poster)
PrashantKumar8PM Nov 26Facile Solution Synthesis of V-VI-VII Inorganic Semiconductors and Their Potential for Applications in Electronic DevicesNM04.03.20(poster)