Ag44(SR)304-: a silver–thiolate superatom complex

K.M. Harkness, Y. Tang, A. Dass, J. Pan, N. Kothalawala, V.J. Reddy,D.E. Cliffel, B. Demeler, F. Stellacci, O.M. Bakr, J.A. McLean
Nanoscale, 2012,4, 4269-4274, (2012)

Ag44(SR)304-: a silver–thiolate superatom complex


Intensely and broadly absorbing nanoparticles


​Intensely and broadly absorbing nanoparticles (IBANs) of silver protected by arylthiolates were recently synthesized and showed unique optical properties, yet question of their dispersity and their molecular formulas remained. Here IBANs are identified as a superatom complex with a molecular formula of Ag44(SR)304− and an electron count of 18. This molecular character is shared by IBANs protected by 4-fluorothiophenol or 2-naphthalenethiol. The molecular formula and purity is determined by mass spectrometry and confirmed by sedimentation velocity-analytical ultracentrifugation. The data also give preliminary indications of a unique structure and environment for Ag44(SR)304−.


DOI: 10.1039/C2NR30773A


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