Direct functionalization of nanodiamonds with maleimide

O. El Tall, Y. Hou, E. Abou-Hamad, I.U. Raja, M.N. Hedhili, W. Peng, R. Mahfouz, O.M. Bakr, P.M. Beaujuge
Chemistry of Materials, 26(9), 2766-2769, (2014)

Direct functionalization of nanodiamonds with maleimide


Surface Chemistry, Colloids                


​In summary, using a combination of FTIR and SS-NMR analyses, we have shown that maleimide-derivatized substituents can be effectively appended to the graphite-like outer shell of thermally annealed nanodiamonds. From the 2D 13C{1H} HETCOR, 1H–1H DQ, and CAS NMR analyses performed, the step of direct functionalization between maleimide and the nanodiamond surface can be described as a two-point binding reaction involving the alkene of the functional imide. Taking our fluorescein-substituted GDNP as a model system, this direct approach to functionalizing nanodiamonds under ambient conditions is amenable to the preparation of nanomaterials with tunable functional substituents, as required in the development of nanocomposites, surface coatings, nanoscale photonic devices, and sensing/imaging nanoprobes.                


DOI: 10.1021/cm500036x


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