Scanning Probe Microscope (TERS, SNOM, AFM)

Brand: NT-MDT

Model: NTEGRA Spectra

The NTEGRA provides a unique combination of scanning probe with Raman spectroscopy and laser confocal microscopy to study the distribution of chemical properties with nanometer resolution. The integration of two scanning probe microscopes with optical access from top and bottom is optimized for Raman, tip-enhanced Raman and scanning near-field optical microscopy. However, this configuration allows other combined scanning probe measurements such as photocurrent AFM as well. The confocal microscope is suitable for Raman and fluorescence microscopy.
  • Tip-enhanced Raman, 2D Raman mapping, SNOM
  • AFM, scanning Kelvin probe microscopy, conductive AFM, photocurrent AFM
  • Laser excitation sources: 473, 532, 633 nm
  • Four motorized gratings: 1800/500, 600/600, 150/500, Echelle grating with ultrahigh dispersion (Spectral resolution <0.007 nm)
  • Detectors: TE cooled (-100 °C) CCD camera
  • Photomultiplier tube (PMT) for fast confocal laser (Rayleigh Imaging)