Brand: Horiba

Model: Fluoromax-4

The Horiba FluoroMax 4 spectrometer allows for measuring fluorescence of solids, liquids, powders and thin films. The instrument is controlled by FluorEssenceTM software with Origin embedded for sophisticated data analysis. The sample is illuminated by a 150 W Xenon lamp. The excitation monochromator has an optical range of 220 – 600 nm blazed at 330 nm. The emission monochromator has an optical range of 290 – 850 nm blazed at 500 nm. The monochromators can be independently or synchronously scanned for mixtures.

The FluoroMax 4 has two detectors. One is a calibrated photodiode reference detector to correct for intensity and temporal fluctuations in the source during excitation scans. The other detector is an R928P red-sensitive photomultiplier used in photon counting mode (time-correlated single photon counting, TCSPC) with signal linearity up to 2 x 106 CPS. With a photon-counting detector, only the signals originating from the samples are measured, noise from the detector is rejected.