Brand: Horiba

Model: Nanolog

The Nanolog is a highly modular photoluminescence system, which allows interchanging a versatile range of computer-controlled accessories to measure the steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence of solids, powders, thin-films and liquids. The lamp housing includes a 450 W Xenon lamp and a pulsed lamp. Laser diodes can be coupled into the sample compartment for high intensity excitation at desired wavelengths. The system covers a wide spectral detection range from 250 to 2200 nm using 4 different detectors:
  • Standard R928 photomultiplier for steady-state and lifetime measurements (250–850 nm)
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooled InGaAs array detector (800-1700 nm)
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooled extended InGaAs array detector, steady-state only (1.1-2.2 μm)
  • Cooled photomultiplier R5509-73 steady-state and lifetime (300-1700 nm)