Brand: Zeiss

Model: Discovery V-20

This stereomicroscope is designed for optimal depth perception and maximum zoom range. A 20:1 zoom range allows to go from largest overview into the smallest details. All optical components deliver three dimensional images with depth perception. The PentaFluar S fluorescence accessory holds three different filter cubes for excitation and emission, allowing for fluorescence imaging. eZoom enables the user to precisely choose optimal magnification or move to user-defined zoom positions. The external system control touch panel (SYCOP) controls all essential functions.
  • Motorized 20:1 zoom
  • Seamless integration into the modular system of SteREO microscopes
  • Up to 345x total magnification with 10x eyepieces
  • Maximum resolution of up to 1000 LP/mm with PlanApo S 2.3x objective
  • Three fluorescence (emssion) filter cubes: LP470, BP480/40, BP 525/50
  • Motorized and encoded components for reproducible results
  • Illumination and contrast methods based on cold light or LED
  • Ergonomic and easy operation and control with the touch panel SYCOP