Water Vapor Permeability

Brand: MONCO

Model: Permatran 3/33 MG+

This two cell water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing system is ideal for testing flat films, finished packages and components. It consists of 3 separate master instruments which can be expanded up to 9 satellite units, providing a total of 20 cells.


  • ​Self-contained pump and plumbing
  • Enclosed test chamber
  • Probes, flow and purge controls on test cell platform
  • Water level view port
  • System status indicators
  • Built-in selectable reference cell
  • Patented dual test cell per module
  • Proprietary modulated infrared sensor
  • Self-contained heating/cooling unit on sub-ambient temperature controlled modules
  • Expandable up to 20 test cells (10 modules)
  • Computer-determined equilibrium
  • Double-cell film testing mode with increased sensitivity