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KSC Summer School and Internship Program Stipends are available for talented master or final year undergraduate students considering a research career addressing the challenges of solar energy conversion.

Participants will attend the KSC Summer School from 12th - 16th July 2020 followed by an internship.

During the summer school, experts from KSC and TU Delft will guide you through tutorial lectures on:
• Photovoltaic (PV) fundamentals
• Design of materials for solar energy conversion
• Electrical Characterization tools for PV devices
• Silicon solar cells
• PV systems

Develop your practical skills in the laboratory sessions:
• Silicon PV: fabrication and characterization
• Organic PV: fabrication and characterization
• Semi-conducting thin film and material characterization
• Light properties in the contest of PV or the spectral response of PV devices

After completing the summer school, you can then put your skills to use during an extended stay as an intern with a summer research project in the world-class KSC laboratories from July to September.

Located next to the Red Sea, you will be able to participate in the full range of recreational activities available on campus.


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