Lab Operation Staff

Faisal Wali, Ph.D.

Strategic Partnership & Lab Operations Manager

Abdulrahman El Labban, Ph.D.

​Operations Engineer​

Research Interest: ​Materials science, Vacuum deposition, Device fabrication and characterization

Atteq ur Rehman, Ph.D.

Operations Engineer

Bright Wadja

​Senior Technical Specialist

Craig Combe, Ph.D.

​​​Staff Scientist

Research Interest: Organic electronics, OECT, OFET, bio-organic electronics

Punitha Elavarasu

Lab Assistant

Rey Guadalquiver

​Research Technician

Semen Shikin

​Senior Technical Specialist

Research Interest: Scanning probe microscopy, Raman Scattering

Saheena Desai

​Lab Coordinator in Anthopoulos & Baran Groups

Shruti Sarwade, Ph.D.

Research Technician

Research Interest: Wet processing of silicon wafers