Over summer 2019, KAUST Solar Center is providing a number of flexible options to introduce solar energy conversion technologies to a wide range of participants.

1. KSC Summer School

The summer's activities will start with a summer school from July 1st-4th. 

(A) Morning lecture series provided by international guest speakers (TU Delft), as well as KAUST experts, will address a diverse range of topics from the fundamentals of photovoltaics to their use in building integrated systems and introduce silicon, perovskite and organic photovoltaic technologies.

See the agenda for further details.

This daily lecture series will be held in KAUST's Al-Kindi Building (Bldg.5) in seminar room 5220 from 8am-12pm.

(B) Laboratory sessions. In addition, to the lectures a limited number of participants (applications now closed)will be invited to attend afternoon laboratory sessions which will provide them with hands on experience of:

  • Silicon Photovoltaics: Device Fabrication & Characterization
  • Organic Photovoltaics: Device Fabrication & Characterization
  • Semi-conducting Thin Films and Materials Characterization 
  • The properties of light in the context of photovoltaics or The spectral response of photovoltaic devices

2. KSC Internship Program

The KSC Internship Program aims to attract talented master or final year undergraduate students considering a research career addressing the challenges of solar energy conversion

We have offerd15 stipends which cover travel and accommodation, as well as a living allowance (applications now closed).

Awardees will attend the KSC Summer School from 1st - 4th July.

After completing the summer school, participants can then put their skills to use during an extended stay as an intern with a summer research project in the world-class KSC laboratories from July to September.

Located next to the Red Sea, you will be able to participate in the full range of recreational activities available on campus.


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