The KAUST Workshop: “Photovoltaic Innovation in Saudi Arabia: Achieving the Goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030" will take place April 22-24, 2024. This event will concentrate on the technological and economic landscape within the Kingdom related to solar energy. It will delve into various aspects, including indigenous research and development of photovoltaic technologies, as well as the widespread manufacturing and implementation of these technologies in Saudi Arabia. The workshop intends to convene influential stakeholders and decision-makers from government, local and international industries, and academia to deliberate and formulate effective strategies. The primary goal is to streamline the growth of the Kingdom’s solar industry, covering areas such as material acquisition and development, manufacturing of devices and modules, ensuring supply chain security, enhancing photovoltaic reliability in challenging climates, transitioning emerging technologies from laboratories to large-scale production, implementing in-Kingdom policies, and fostering education and vocational training for the local workforce. Consequently, the workshop seeks to discover inventive solutions for localizing production and pinpoint collaborative opportunities to expedite Saudi Arabia's transformation into a key player in renewable energy, aligning with the ambitions outlined in Vision 2030."


This event is organized by the KAUST Solar Center (KSC) with financial support from KAUST Research Funding (KRF).



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