Joost Kimpel

PhD Student, Chalmers University of Technology


Joost graduated from Oxford University (MChem) in 2019 where he completed his Masters project under supervision of Dr Georgina Gregory and Dr Leticia Peña Carrodeguas in the Charlotte Williams group exploring the application of “switch” polymerization to yield polyester-polycarbonate block copolymers for thermoplastic elastomer applications. Motivated by utility of synthesized materials, this was followed by a degree in materials science and engineering (MSci) at Tokyo Institute of Technology under supervision of Prof Tsuyoshi Michinobu investigating synthesis and device fabrication of novel regioisomeric organic semiconducting polymers. Joost is now pursuing his PhD funded by HORATES, working on synthesis of new polythiophenes bearing polar side chains for thermoelectric applications under supervision of Prof Christian Müller (Chalmers tekniska Högskola) with the co-supervision of Prof Michael Sommer (Technische Universität Chemnitz).

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