Be a leader in research and development of solar energy technologies, translating science into new applications for the benefit of the Kingdom.


KAUST S​olar Center's mission is to create new​ science and technology in the field of solar energy conversion, providing an environment for interdisciplinary research, training and innovation.

The current expertise in the Center is centered on photovoltaic applications based on organic, hybrid and perovskite materials. The research accomplishments of the KAUST Solar Center (KSC) faculty, helps establish the KSC as a renowned Center in these emerging photovoltaic technologies, from materials design, modeling, synthesis, and characterization to processing and solar cell fabrication. Our objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the technology portfolio of the Center in emerging photovoltaic applications by developing innovative activities that are enabled by, and intimately integrate, the complementary expertise of KSC faculty.
  • Pursue high impact activities in established technologies and deploy synergistic research and engineering efforts combining existing and emerging technologies.

​KSC is one of the world's largest and best equipped academic centers for solar energy research and technology, supporting a broad research portfolio of collaborative projects.

KSC hosts 3000m2 lab space area with more than 900 instruments:

  • Material synthesis: more than 30 fume hoods, preparative GPC, flash chromatography GCMS, microwave reactors.
  • Material deposition and processing: PECVD, PVD including sputtering and evaporation, ALD, inkjet printing, roll-to-roll printing, optical/laser/nanoimprint lithography.
  • Material and device characterization: SEM-FIB-EDX, AFM, UV-VIS-IR, micro and nano-Raman spectroscopies, photoluminescence, femtosecond laser spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, x-ray fluorescence, Kelvin probe microscopy, Hall effect, solar-cell efficiency measurement tools.