Center Staff

Abdulrahman El Labban, Ph.D.

Interim Lab Manager

Research Interests: ​Materials science, Vacuum deposition, Device fabrication and characterization

Adrian V. Montiano

Research Technician

Ashley B. Pursglove

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Novel material development, Electrical and electronics, Industrial automation  and robotics, Prototype fabrication, Technological hybridization, Sensors and communication protocols

Atteq ur Rehman, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

Bright Wadja

​Senior Technical Specialist

Chona Chato

Business Administrator

Christine Rueping

Center Manager

Marco Marengo

Research Specialist in De Wolf Group

Research Interests: solar cell, Encapsulant, Thermoplastic polyolefins, Polyolefin elastomers (POE)

Marios Neophytou, Ph.D.

Partnership Specialist

Research Interests: ​Materials science, Organic electronics, organic solar cells, inkjet printing, printed electronics

Martí Gibert Roca, Ph.D.

Research Specialist in Baran Group

Research Interests: optimization, solar cell, 3D printing

Michael F. Salvador, Ph.D.

Principal Technology Lead

Research Interests: Organic electronics, Thin-film photovoltaics, Plasmonics, Biophotonics, Scanning probe microscopy

Mireia Sanchez Prosper

​Administrative Assistant

Muhammad Abbasi

Technical Development Specialist

Research Interests: Small & MW Scale PV Design, Grid Integration, PV Installation, Testing and Maintenance, On Grid & Hybrid PV, AI for PV Systems

Rey Guadalquiver

Senior Technical Specialist

Saheena Desai

​Lab Coordinator in Anthopoulos & Baran Groups

Semen Shikin

​Senior Technical Specialist

Research Interests: Scanning probe microscopy, Raman Scattering

Shruti Sarwade, Ph.D.

Research Technician in De Wolf Group

Research Interests: Wet processing of silicon wafers

Tejaswini Pailla

Research Technician in Heeney Group

Research Interests: Medicinal Chemistry, Purification