Surface Analysis Lab features a wide range of spectroscopic, scanning probe and optical microscopy techniques for the optical and structural characterization of organic, inorganic and hybrid thin-film materials. The equipment ranges from bench-top SEM to nanoscale material property mapping AFM, and from broad-spectrum photoluminescence to photoelectron spectroscopy in air (PESA). 


Bruker Dimension Icon with ScanAsyst

The Atomic Force Microscope System - Bruker Dimension Icon with ScanAsyst® is designed to investigate a sample surface in nanometer scale – by means of topography as well as many others surface mechanical and electrical properties. Any position of big sample up to 200 mm could be measured.

NT-MDT Solver Next

The Solver Next Atomic Force Microscope is designed to facilitate AFM measurements in up to 15 techniques, including AFM spectroscopy and lithography with user friendly and very powerful control software.


Scanning Probe Microscope (TERS, SNOM, AFM). The NTEGRA Spectra provides a unique combination of Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman confocal spectroscopy study the distribution of chemical properties with nanometer resolution.

J. A. Woollam M-2000 DI Ellipsometer

Ellipsometer M2000 The J. A. Woollam M-2000 DI spectroscopic ellipsometer provides fast and accurate thin film characterization over a wide spectroscopic range.

Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer

Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 with 150 mm Spectralon Integrating Sphere. Capable of transmission and reflection measurements covering 250 – 2500 nm range with 0.007 nm precision, using PMT and InGaAs detectors.

Horiba Nanolog Spectrofluorometer

The Nanolog is a highly modular photoluminescence system, which allows interchanging a versatile range of computer-controlled accessories to measure the steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence of solids, powders, thin-films and liquids. With 6 gratings and 4 detectors a wide wavelength range is available – from 300 nm up to 2100 nm. Equipped with an integrated sphere accessory for absolute PLQY measurements.

Horiba FluoroMax 4 TCSPC Spectrofluorometer

The FluoroMax 4 allows for measuring steady state emission and time resolved photoluminescence of solids, liquids, powders and thin films. The instrument is controlled by FluorEssenceTM software with Origin embedded for sophisticated data analysis.

Riken AC-2 Photoemission Spectroscopy in Air

The AC-2 is an instrument for Photoelectron Spectroscopy that measures a material’s work function (3.40 – 6.20eV) at atmospheric pressure, with an open counter detector and a UV source.

Zeiss Discovery V-20 Stereomicroscope

This stereomicroscope is designed for optimal depth perception and maximum zoom range. A 20:1 zoom range allows to see a sample from the largest overview into the smallest details.

Zeiss Axio observer Z1M Optical Microscope

Microscope Axio Observer Z1 for brightfield, phase contrast, differential interference contrast and fluorescence imaging. This microscope features a wide range of magnification objectives, flexible accessory ports and digital image acquisition (CCD).

NeoScope JCM-5000 Benchtop SEM

The NeoScope JCM-5000 benchtop SEM complements both optical microscopes and traditional SEMs in the lab, and can be configured for advanced analytical applications.

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS for particle size and zeta-potential measurements. Non-invasive back-scattering technique capable of measuring 0.3nm – 10.0 microns* (diameter).

Agilent Cary 660 FT-IR

This FT-IR spectrometer design is based on a 38 mm dynamically aligned, 60° mechanical bearing Michelson interferometer and is capable of covering a wide spectral range from the UV to Far-IR. The Cary 660 FTIR guarantees better than 0.075 cm-1 maximum resolution, and includes a revolutionary air-cooled source capable of delivering more than50 mW of power to the sample for maximum sensitivity.

TA Instruments Discovery DSC and TGA

The Discovery TGA features a thermobalance, IR-heated furnace for temperature up to 1000 °C and an autosampler with good flexibility and reliability. The standard Discovery Gas Delivery Module provides 2-gas switching for atmospheric control. Control and monitoring of TGA experiments works via the user friendly Discovery User Interface.

Bruker ContourGT-X 3D Optical Profiler

The ContourGT-X 3D Optical Profiler provides the highest performing non-contact surface measurements for laboratory research and production process control. As the pinnacle of ten generations of white light interferometry innovation and design, this metrology system delivers the highest vertical resolution over the industry’s largest field of view. Key features include full automation, a large motorized X, Y, Z stage, tip/tilt in the head, and an integral air isolation table.