Research Scientists

Anand Subbiah, Ph.D.

Research Scientist in De Wolf group

Research Interests: Large Area Perovskite Solar Cells, Perovskite_Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Emre Yengel, Ph.D.

Research Scientist in Anthopoulos group

Erkan Aydin, Ph.D.

Research Scientist in De Wolf Group

Research Interests: Tandem Solar Cells, Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells, Thin Film Solar Cells, Flexible Electonics, Solar Water Splitting, Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion

Furkan H. Isikgor, Ph.D.

Research Scientist in Anthopoulos Group

Research Interests: solar energy, sustainable energy, perovskite solar cells and materials, perovskite-silicon tandem photovoltaics

Hendrik Faber, Ph.D.

​​Research Scientist in Anthopoulos group

Research Interests: ​​Solution processing, Film formation, Metal oxide semiconductors, Thin-film transistors, (Opto-)Electronic devices

Julien Gorenflot, Ph.D.

Research Scientist in Laquai group

Research Interests: ​Transient absorption, photo-induced absorption, excitons binding energy, charges generation, bimolecular recombination, geminate recombination, energetic disorder, binding energy

Nadeem Qaiser, Ph.D.

​Research Scientist in Tung Group

Research Interests: FEM modeling, Nano/micro mechanics, Flexible sensors, actuators and energy storage devices

Safakath Karuthedath, Ph.D

Research Scientist in Laquai Group​

Research Interests: ​Transient absorption spectroscopy, organic solar cells, Perovskites, Time-resolved photoluminescence, Photo-physics

Thomas G. Allen, Ph.D.

Research Scientist in De Wolf group

Weimin Zhang, Ph.D.

​Research Scientist in Laquai group

Yichen Cai, Ph. D.

Research Scientist in Tung Group