KSC Seminar with Prof. Ted Sargent

​KSC Seminar: Designing and building materials and devices for the capture and storage of renewable energy

Speaker: Prof. Ted Sargent

University Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nanotechnology, University of Toronto

Date & Time: Monday January 28th at 12pm

Venue: Auditorium between Bldgs 2/3

Light refreshments will be provided. 

Abstract: Materials chemists have developed semiconductors that can be manufactured using relatively little energy, and can be applied to a surface, including flexible substrates, using gentle processing conditions. Examples include colloidal quantum dots and organometal halide perovskites.

My group seeks to deploy these new materials towards applications including in:

- photodetectors for image sensors;

- photovoltaic devices for the conversation of solar energy into electrical energy;

- electrochemical systems for the reduction of CO2 into fuels and chemical feedstocks, powered using renewable energy.

I will introduce the materials and discuss progress in translating them into devices and applications.

Biography: Ted Sargent earned the B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University (1995) and the Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from U of T (1998). He began a tenure-stream position in ECE at U of T in 1998 and today is University Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nanotechnology. His works have been cited 30,000 times [Scopus]. He founded InVisage Inc. and QDSolar Inc. and was a co-founder of Xagenic Inc. More information on his research is available at www.light.utoronto.ca.