KSC Seminar with Fernando & Juanjo

KSC Seminar: Science communication in a nutshell


About the Speaker:

Fernando Gomollón-Be
Fernando is a chemist and science communicator based in Cambridge, UK. He's specialised in science writing and storytelling, collaborating for magazines such as Chemistry World, Principia, and C&EN. For the past few years, he's been devoted to scientific outreach and public relations, first at ICIQ, one of the most prestigious chemistry research centres in Europe, and currently at the Graphene Flagship, the largest research project ever funded by the European Commission. At ICIQ, Fernando contributed to 300+ media clippings in national and international media, generating over seven million impacts. He also created engaging content for the institute's website and contributed to the creation of its educational portal: the virtual lab. Within the Graphene Flagship, he led the organisation of press events and campaigns covered in outlets such as BBC, Forbes, Techradar, and Nature News.

Juanjo Sáenz de la Torre

Juanjo studied physics and has always been passionate about science communication and outreach. He completed a master’s in science communication, while working at the Planetarium of Huesca as a content curator, developing an exhibition and producing movies for the dome. For the last three years, Juanjo has worked at Scienseed, a science communication agency based in Madrid, specialising in multi-format science communication: motion graphics scripting & storyboarding, developing communication strategies for European research projects and the participating in the development of interactive websites such as Not Alone, The Last Tweet or 40 years of the Bern Convention. Currently, he balances his work at Agata with his position as communications manager at Predictia, a Big Data spin-off from the University of Cantabria, dealing with climate and weather predictions.


Abstract of the Talk:

In this talk, we’ll overview the history and importance of science outreach and dissemination, from Michael Faraday and the Christmas Lectures to Youtubers and TikTokers. The session reviews the added-value of communication to scientific careers, as well as different formats to captivate the audience's attention. Furthermore, the talk includes useful tips and tricks to get started in the field.

Agata is a scientific communications agency based in the UK. Our focus is to make complicated things easy. Together, our experts gather over 10 years of experience in scientific journalism, dissemination, and outreach. Moreover, they have taken part in several EU-funded projects within the Horizon 2020 funding program, where they gathered a vast background in project management, KPI monitoring and the creation of reports and deliverables for funders, stakeholders, and policy makers.



Wednesday, November 2, 2022, from 15:00 PM – 16:00 PM



Auditorium between Buildings 4 & 5


For more information, please email: ksc@kaust.edu.sa