Three-minute #SciComm Video Competition

21 June, 2022

In today’s communication-driven world, promoting our research is of major importance to us as a center. Developing effective science communication skills is of equal significance to all our researchers.  Therefore, KSC launched the maiden “Three Minute SciComm” video competition, which was open to all KSC members.

As part of this competition, we challenged our scientists to present their research in a max. 180-second video. This presented an exciting opportunity to polish our scientists’ #scicomm skills.

Competition Details: Submitted videos focus on #scicomm/science promotion via an engaging format that makes sense of the KSC research to a general audience without any scientific background. 

The videos emphasize the purpose of our work at KSC in a broad societal context, i.e. the benefit of our current scientific research for society or the Kingdom in general. 

In addition to answering ‘what’ we do, the competition entries also address ‘why’. Questions covered in these videos include but are not limited to:  What global/ local challenges does our research address? What scientific advancement will it make? What impact is it creating or why is it good for society?  Where will it end up? Who will use it? What obstacles need to be overcome to ensure this research can be practically implemented?

Competition Winners: (Check the videos by clicking the links.)

Luis Lanzetta, postdoc in Professor Derya Baran’s research group, won the first prize in the competition.

Anirudh Sharma, postdoc in Professor Derya Baran’s research group, won the second prize in the competition.

Other entries were from Carolina Villamil Franco, postdoc in Professor Frederic Laquai’s research group, and a combined entry from Professor Stefaan De Wolf’s group.