Ellipsometer IR-VASE

Brand: J. A. Woollam

Model: IR-VASE

The J. A. Woollam IR-VASE® spectroscopic ellipsometer combines the chemical sensitivity of FTIR spectroscopy with thin film sensitivity of spectroscopic ellipsometry. The IR-VASE covers the spectral range from 1.7 to 30 microns (333 to 5900 wavenumbers). It is used to characterize both thin films and bulk materials in research and industry. This instrument is particularly useful for characterizing optical coatings, semiconductors, thin nanoscopic films and self-assembled monolayers.

The IR-VASE can characterize:

  • Bulk Substrates
  • Phonon absorption - crystalline materials
  • Optical constants (n and k , ε1 and ε2)
  • Surface and interfacial layers
  • Film thickness (single and multilayers)
  • Doping concentration (resistivity)
  • Material composition (alloy fraction)
  • Free carrier absorption
  • Chemical bonding - molecular vibrations
  • Anisotropy - uniaxial and biaxial


  • ​Wide spectral range: Covers near to far infrared 1.7 to 30 microns (333 to 5900 wavenumbers) with resolution from 1cm-1 to 64cm-1
  • High sensitivity to ultra-thin films
  • No baseline or reference sample required