Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

Brand: Jipelec (SEMCO Technologies)

Model: JetFirst 200

The Jipelec JetFirst 200 benchtop RTP features a temperature measurement and control system using pyrometers and thermocouples to provide accurate and repeatable thermal behavior from low to high temperatures. The system is also equipped with a primary pump and 4 different gas lines for a better control of the environment before and during the thermal process.


  • ​Up to 8" wafers
  • Temperature range : ambient to 1300°C
  • Ramp rate : 1°C/s to 300°C/s
  • Gas introduction capability: N2, H2/N2 (forming gas), O2, Ar
  • Atmospheric and vacuum process capabilities
  • One purge gas line
  • Vacuum valve and vacuum gauge​