Fluxim Paios Electrical Device Characterization

Brand: FLUXiM

Model: Paios

The Paios system from Fluxim performs a variety of electrical and opto-electronic techniques ideally suited for thin-film device characterization. The following techniques are available:

  • ​Photo-CELIV is a powerful technique to extract charge carrier mobility, recombination kinetics and doping density.
  • Impedance Spectroscopy is used to study charge carrier dynamics and charge trapping over a large range of time scales.
  • Capacitance-voltage reveals information about the built-in field and charge injection barriers in multi-layer thin-film devices. Doping density is extracted using Mott-Schottky analysis.
  • Transient photovoltage (TPV) is frequently used to determine lifetimes of charge carriers in solar cells.
  • Transient electroluminescence (TEL) allows to extract charge carrier mobilities and the phosphorescence lifetime in an OLED.
  • Transient photocurrent (TPC) provides information on the charge carrier dynamics and charge trapping.
  • Dark injection transient measurements are used to study transport in mono-polar devices.
  • Current-voltage (I-V) measurements are the standard characterization techniques for solar cells, photodiodes and OLEDs.