Bumin Kagan Yildirim

Master Students

M.S. Student in De Wolf Group

Research Interests

Bumin worked in the optics and photonics field during his bachelor’s degree. His research focused on designing multilevel diffractive lenses, optical demultiplexer, and optical cloaking via optimization algorithms and inverse design methods in the microwave frequency regime.

His research interest is also related to the device engineering and material characterization of single-junction and perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells. His research is mainly directed toward charge transport layers and recombination junctions of perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells.

Selected Publications

  • Ultra-compact, high-numerical-aperture achromatic multilevel diffractive lens via metaheuristic approach
    B. K. Yildirim, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev
    Photonics Research, 9, 10, 2095-2103, (2021) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1364/PRJ.427523
  • Numerical and Experimental Demonstration of Inverse Designed Low-index Polarization-insensitive Wavelength Demultiplexer
    A. Icli, A. Alpkilic, Y. Yilmaz, B. Yildirim, M. Turduev and H. Kurt
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 54, 50, 505102, (2021) DOI: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1361-6463/ac2382/meta


B. Sc., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, TED University, Ankara, Turkey, 2020 

Professional Profile

  • 2021-Present: M.S. Student, Material Science and Engineering, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2020-2021: Visiting Student at KAUST Solar Center (KSC), KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia


  • Graduation at 1 st rank from TED University Electrical and Electronics Department, June 2020.
  • Scholarship: 100% Scholarship from TED University, 2015-2020.
  • Scholarship: TUBITAK BIDEB Scholarship for B.Sc Students (Code: 116F182), 2019. 

KAUST Affiliations

  • Kaust Solar Center (KSC)
  • Division of Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) 

Research Interests Keywords

perovskite solar cells