Organic Photovoltaics

PI: Prof. Derya Baran, Prof. Thomas Anthopoulos, Prof. Iain McCulloch, Prof. Frederic Laquai

Single junction organic solar cells have exceeded 18% power conversion efficiency using fused ring nonfullerene acceptors (NFAs) in just a couple of years. This has been achieved by judicious design of novel n-type small molecule acceptors matched with available or newly-designed donor polymers as well as by advanced interface and device engineering. These improvements promise application and commercialization of OPV based on nonfullerene acceptors, if in addition to the power conversion efficiency, the scalability and stability of the devices could be increased. Therefore, this project aims to demonstrate record efficiency organic solar cells with novel nonfullerene acceptors for viable organic photovoltaics.

Several KSC research groups provide collective effort aimed at achieving the goals of this project. Specifically, novel nonfullerene-acceptors will be developed, their performance will be optimized and new interface materials will be added to achieve stable devices. The presence of loss processes will be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Strategies to further boost the performance and stability will be explored. The performance stability of devices will be tested and degradation pathways identified that will then be tackled by rigorous material and device re-design to achieve both high performance and stable devices with photoactive areas beyond 1cm2.

Related Publications

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