01 September, 2014

SPERC welcomes Managing Director Marc Vermeersch

​​Dr. Marc Vermeersch is the newly appointed Managing Director of The Solar and Photovoltaics Engineering Research Center (SPERC)​.

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27 April, 2014

KAUST Solar Center Inaugurated

The Solar & Photovoltaics Engineering Research Center (SPERC) was officially inaugurated with a two-day seminar on April 27 and 28 that featured international solar energy experts.

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25 November, 2020

Guiding the way to improved solar cell performance

Understanding how particles travel through a device is vital for improving the efficiency of solar cells. Researchers from KAUST, working with an international team of scientists, have now developed a set of design guidelines for enhancing the performance of molecular materials.

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10 November, 2020

Solar perovskite production on a roll

Advanced ink formulations could be the key to turning perovskite solar cells (PSCs) from heroes of academic labs into commercially successful products. Researchers at KAUST have developed a perovskite ink tailor-made for a mass manufacturing process called slot-die coating, producing PSCs that captured solar energy with high efficiency. The ink could also be coated onto silicon to create perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells that capture even more of the Sun’s energy.

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26 October, 2020

Light on efficiency loss in organic solar cells

Insight into energy losses that affect the conversion of light into electricity could help enhance organic solar cell efficiencies. A KAUST-led team of organic chemists, materials engineers, spectroscopists and theoretical physicists from six research groups has extensively evaluated efficiency-limiting processes in organic photovoltaic systems.

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